Education is our passion
We are a small team who are passioned about programming and education. Our mission is to create a great educational platform for everyone.
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Eolymp website was launched in 2007 to help to prepare for programming competitions, it has gone through multiple upgrades and changes over the years to become Eolymp platform we know today.

We have been hosting programming competitions for more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of students learned how to code algorithms using problems hosted on our website. But we believe competitions are just one ingredient for success, it also takes learning materials, tutorials, videos, practice tasks and, most importantly, a teacher, a guide and mentor to help you make the journey.

Our mission is simple, take care of all the routine tasks teachers have to deal with, so they can spend more time with their students, develop their learning path and help them succeed.

Meet our team!

We are the team standing behind Eolymp. Get in touch with us if you have an idea, suggestion, or just want to learn more about Eolymp!

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Sergey Kolodyazhnyy
Chief Executive Officer
I'm making sure Eolymp is running smoothly, our community is thriving, and our platform is getting better.
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Anton Tsypko
Chief Product Officer
I'm making sure Eolymp provides a top-notch, feature complete, platform for programming competitions and learning.
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Matvii Stretchen
Chief Community Officer
I'm making sure Eolymp is the place to go for everyone looking to learn programming, practice or compete.


Over the years plenty of people helped us to become a wonderful platform with a great community, a huge database of problems and competitions. We would like to acknowledge and show our gratitude to everyone who helped.

A special thanks go to: