Transparent pricing for all

The prices is shown per active user (seat). You can learn more about pricing in this article.

Compare plans

Total number of contests in the space
Active contests
Number of concurrently running contests
Monthly contests
Number of contests you can create at any given month
Contest duration
Maximum contest duration
Number of code evaluations, this includes judging and re-judging
Number of users who can manage your space
Number of custom profile fields for users
Priority queue
Submissions in your space will be prioritized higher
Plagiarism Analysis
We will automatically detect if multiple users submitted the same solution
Upsolve mode
Participants will be able to continue solving problems after contest is finished
Team contests
Participants will be able to participate in teams
Ghost participants
You will be able to add ghost participants and upload score for them
Unofficial participants
You will be able to add unofficial participants
Single Sing On functionality allows to login using your own authorization service
Dedicated user database
You will be able to manage your own user database
Users will be able to leave comments and participate in discussions
Total number of members in the space
Total number of problems in space

Don’t know which price plan to choose?

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