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Eolymp Cup is a programming competition for students. The competition consists of 4 rounds, held throughout the year. Each round features 6 problems, each designed to challenge participants' knowledge of algorithms, data structures and programming.

The competition is open to everyone, but prizes will only be awarded to participants who are born after January 1, 2002. All other participants will compete unofficially.

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MacBook Air

1st prize

The absolute winner will receive the Eolymp Cup trophy, first-place medal and Apple MacBook Air 13".

Apple iPad

2nd prize

The participant ranked second will receive the first-place medal and an Apple iPad Air 11" tablet computer.

Apple Watch

3rd prize

The participants ranked 3-6 will receive second-place medals and an Apple Watch SE smartwatch.

Keychron K8 Wireless

4th prize

Participants ranked 7-12 will receive third-place medals and Keychron K8 Wireless keyboard.


And more...

Top-12 participants and 25 randomly selected participants in top-250 will receive exclusive T-Shirts and stickers.

Scholarship at HSU!

Get a chance to win a full scholarship at one of the leading tech universities in Barcelona or Bangkok!

We have partnered up with Harbour.Space University to give you a chance to get a remarkable education in technology.

In each round, the Top-3 participants as well as 2 randomly selected participants among the Top-50 will receive a full scholarship at Harbour.Space University.

All competition participants will also have an exclusive opportunity to register for a Raffle. The 5 lucky winners will receive a free 3-week course of their choice at HSU.

Barcelona HSU Campus

Harbour.Space University is a private international university focused on Technology, Business and Design with campuses in Barcelona (Spain) and Bangkok (Thailand). HSU places a strong emphasis on its connection to the tech industry and works closely with industry experts across the world to immerse students in a dynamic, multi-cultural ecosystem of education, professional experience, and networking with like-minded peers and actively practicing professionals. In April 2024, Harbour.Space University won the Gold Medal in ICPC World Final, outcompeting such universities as MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, among others.

School rating

Win free Eolymp subscription for your university or school

As part of Eolymp Cup, we are going to create a rating for educational institutions based on the results of their students. In each round, the top 10 institutions as well as randomly selected 10 institutions will receive special offers from Eolymp.

The offer includes a free 6 months subscription to Advanced plan with up to 100 seats.



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Programming competitions like Eolymp Cup are a great way to reach out to some of the most talented students, show off your company, offer internship and get to know each other. Email us at sponsors@eolymp.com to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Eolymp Cup is a programming competition meant to promote computer science and programming among students. The competition consists of 4 rounds, held throughout the year. Each round features 6 problems, each asking the participant to implement an algorithm using one of the programming languages. Depending on the correctness of the algorithm, the participant will be awarded points.

Anyone can participate in Eolymp Cup, but the prizes will only be awarded to participants born after January 1, 2002, and do not live in the sanctioned countries.

All other participants will participate unofficially.

The first round will be held on July 6th, 2024. The following rounds will be in: September, November and December 2024. Please follow us on social media to stay up to date: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

There are four rounds, in each round, you are given 3 hours to solve 6 problems. Each problem is split into sub-tasks, which represent part of the problem. The points are awarded by sub-task, meaning you have to solve an entire sub-task to get points.

There are four rounds, in each round a participant can score up to 1000 points. The contest's overall rating is calculated as the sum of the top three scores among all rounds. In other words, if you participated in all four rounds, we will disregard your worst round and take the scores of the other three. If you participated in three or fewer rounds, all of them will be taken into account.

If two participants have the same number of points, we will order them by time of the last productive submission in ascending order. The last productive submission is the last submission which gave points to the participant in a given round. The time of the last productive submission is calculated as the number of seconds from the beginning of each round.

Top-3 winners of each round and 2 participants selected randomly among Top-50 will be awarded fully funded scholarships at Harbour.Space University, which includes:

  • Full Tuition Fee Coverage: EUR 19,900 for Bachelor's programs or EUR 22,900 for Master's programs

  • Program Choice: all programs of HSU across tech, business, and design are in scope

  • Campus Choice: choose to study in one of HSU’s campuses in two vibrant cities, in Barcelona or Bangkok

  • Internship opportunities: you will also be offered to join Talent Pool of Harbour.Space University and be considered for paid internship opportunities from university’s industry partners

The scholarships are only played among participants who marked "I'm interested in scholarship" during registration and who have not received scholarship in previous rounds.

If you have any questions about Harbour.Space University, please reach out to Anastasia Sivolobchik at anastasia.sivolobchik@harbour.space.

All participants can fill in a form to participate in a raffle, played after each round. The 5 lucky winners will receive a free 3-week course of their choice at Harbour.Space University (live schedule of HSU modules can be found here).

To enter the raffle, please register via this form. The winner will be announced after each round at Eolymp and via direct email.

If you have any questions about Harbour.Space University, please reach out to Anastasia Sivolobchik at anastasia.sivolobchik@harbour.space.

School rating is an additional rating where educational institutions are ranked based on the results of their students. The students specify a university or a school they are representing during the registration process. The students must be enrolled in the school to represent it.

Despite its name, the ranking includes all educational institutions: universities, schools, colleges etc.

The institutions are ranked based on the total number of points scored by their students.

After each round, the top 10 institutions as well as 10 randomly selected institutions among these who scored at least 100 points, will be awarded a coupon for Eolymp Competition Platform. The coupon will give a 100% discount for Advanced plan for the first 6 months with up to 100 seats. Extra seats can be purchased at price 0.25 EUR per seat. After first 6 months the subscription will be renewed at price 0.25 EUR per seat. You will be able to cancel subscription at any time.

To claim the reward, a representative of the institution should reach out to Eolymp support team via support@eolymp.com, after the rating has been published.

We prepare original, challenging problems for each contest.

We also accept problems from the community, so if you have an idea, you can email us at support@eolymp.com

We guarantee that problems are presented in English, Spanish and Ukrainian, but we try to translate problems to as many languages as possible.

Yes, all contests allow upsolve, i.e., you can continue solving problems after the contest is finished.

You can also participate in the contest virtually if you missed it.

Keep in mind, the score you receive during upsolve or virtual participation counts as unofficial and does not affect final standings.

Within a few days after the final round, we will contact you via email specified in your profile to arrange delivery of your prize. If you believe you have won, but you didn't receive any message within 3 days after the contest. Please reach out to us via email, support@eolymp.com.

You have 30 natural days since the end of the final round to claim your prize.

Yes! We will award 2 first-place medals, 4 second-place medals and 6 third-place medals to the Top-12 participants. Additionally, the winner of the competition will receive a trophy.

Maybe. After you are chosen as a winner, you can reach out to us and request a prize substitution. We will do our best to give you the prize you want, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to satisfy your request.

In any case, the substitution prize value cannot exceed the original prize value.

Our t-shirts are made of 100% semi-combed Ringspun cotton.


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