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A monthly programming contest open to all skill levels and backgrounds!
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After each round, the top 10 performers will receive exclusive Eolymp T-Shirts and stickers. Additionally, we'll randomly select 10 participants from the top 100 to receive their own T-Shirts.

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We are looking for sponsors who would help us make our contests even better. If you want to help us promote education and programming, send us an email at sponsors@eolymp.com.


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Frequently asked questions

We intend to organize a contest every month, the contest is normally held in the second half of the month, either on Saturday or Sunday. Keep an eye on our website to stay up-to-date.

You must have Eolymp Account to participate. If you already have one, just open contest page and click "Join".

You can join any time before contest ends.

In each Weekend Practice, you are given 2 hours to solve 5 problems. Each problem is split into sub-tasks, which represent part of the problem. The points are awarded by sub-task, meaning you have to solve an entire sub-task to get points.

The participants are ranked by the number of points they received and then, if participants have the same number of points, by the time of last productive submission.

We prepare original problems for each contest. The first few problems are normally can be solved even by a beginner, while the last few would require more advanced knowledge. Try to participate in one of the past contests to get a sense of difficulty.

We guarantee that problems are presented in English, Spanish and Ukrainian, but we try to translate problems to as many languages as possible.

Yes, all contests allow upsolve, i.e. you can continue solving problems after the contest is finished.

You can also participate in the contest virtually if you missed it.

Keep in mind, the score you receive during upsolve or virtual participation counts as unofficial and does not affect final standings.

The prizes are given to top 10 participants as well as to 10 participants randomly selected among participants ranked from 11-100.

We use random.org to choose random participants.

Please note, if you already won a T-Shirt in a given year, we will not send you another one, since it will be exactly the same.

  • If a participant from the top 10 already received a T-Shirt, we will send one more T-Shirt randomly

  • If a randomly chosen participant already received a T-Shirt, we will choose another one

We update T-Shirt design every year, so if you got a T-Shirt this year, you can win another one next year.

Participants who receive T-Shirts are marked with a golden, silver, bronze or teal rings in the contest standings. These markings are applied within 24 hours after the contest is finished.

Within a few days after the contest, we will contact you via email specified in your profile to arrange delivery of your prize. If you believe you have won, but you didn't receive any message within 3 days after the contest. Please reach out to us via email, support@eolymp.com.

You have 30 natural days since the end of the contest to claim your prize.

We will ship prizes for free to the following countries:

  • Members of the European Union or Schengen Area, except Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus

  • Ukraine

  • Azerbaijan

We can try to arrange delivery to other countries, but some additional conditions or fees may apply.

Our t-shirts are made of 100% semi-combed Ringspun cotton.


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